How to get Spotify Student Discount in 2024 | Save on Spotify Premium for Students

How to get Spotify Student Discount in 2024 | Save on Spotify Premium for Students

Spotify is one of the most known music streaming sites where you listen to music and other content from your favorite artist around the world. It offers an amazing student discount of 50%.

As a student, you get a free one-month trial upon subscription. And you are charged £5.99 to upgrade to Spotify Premium. To access the student discount, you must upload the proof of enrollment or sign in to your university portal to verify your student status.

What is Spotify Student Discount

Spotify was established in 2006 and has grown to be one of the greatest music streaming platforms in the world, where you get to listen to your favorite music track, albums, podcasts, and curated playlists.

Spotify offers a free service for those who do not want to upgrade to a premium version. The free version allows you to make and play your favorite playlists, but your experience will be constantly interrupted by ads, the sound features and quality are reduced and you cannot carry out some functions. Also, with the free version, you can only listen to albums and playlists in shuffle mode and you cannot select a specific playlist to play.

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How to get Spotify Student Discount 2024

it is pretty simple to get a spotify student discount so long you are a student and can verify your student membership via the SheerID. Follow the guidelines below to successfully get Spotify Student Discount in 2024.

  • Go to the Spotify student membership page
  • Click on ‘get premium’ and follow the steps
  • Verify your student status. You can do this by uploading the proof of enrollment and or signing in through your university portal.
  • Upon subscription, you get a free one-month trial and a 50% student discount as long as you are a student.
  • Confirm your student status annually to continue enjoying the student discount.

How to get Spotify Student Discount in High School

Can i get Spotify student discount in High School? No. you cannot get a spotify student in high school,  unless you opt into a college or University.

How to get Spotify Student Discount without being a Student 

Can i get Spotify Student Discount without being a student? NO. There’s absolutely no way you can get Student Discount without being a student. Spotify Premium for Students is basically for students above 18 years of age and enrolled in any recognized college or university.

How to get Spotify Student Discount after 4 years

You’ll continue to get access to Premium Student, for up to 12 months from the date you subscribed or last re-verified, while it’s available. If you’re no longer a student at the end of that period, you’ll no longer be eligible for Premium Student. Your subscription will then automatically switch to a Premium Individual plan.

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Are all Students Eligible for Spotify Student Discount?

Yes, all students are eligible for the Spotify student discount. As long as you can verify your student status by uploading your proof of enrollment and logging in to your university portal, you can partake in the Spotify student discount, which is 50% of the premium price.

Does Spotify Offer Sales and Promotions?

Yes, Spotify offers regular sales and promotions where you get extended discounted membership and free trials, which enables you to save more. These sales and promotions are eligible for all. So you get to enjoy them when you are out of school.

Most times, free trials are only available to new customers. You can only claim them with emails that have not been registered with Spotify.

Spotify student discount is a great way to utilize the music streaming platform to your advantage. With Spotify, you get to enjoy 50% off the premium package.

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