How to get HBO Max Student Discount in 2024 | Watch HBO Max (Now) for $9.99/month

How to get HBO Max Student Discount in 2024 | Watch HBO Max (Now) for $9.99/month

Paying for TV shows and movies as a student can be difficult. Most students cannot afford the complete subscription cost of streaming channels. And everybody needs entertainment, even the students. In this article, we will be looking at how to get HBO Now student discount in 2024.

HBO Now Student Discount 2024

HBO Now was a subscription video-on-demand streaming service founded on 15th October 2014 to serve the residents of the United States. As a subscriber, you can have on-demand access to HBO’s library, which is rich in exclusive and original movies, programs, and content on computers, electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablet devices, and digital media players.

However, the HBO Now video-on-demand streaming company was dissolved on 17th December 2020 and HBO Max was created.

Does HBO Max Offer Student Discount in 2024

Currently, HBO is not offering student discounts. The platform offered it to its users before. The student discount offer has ended. New users cannot access any student discount on HBO Now, but older users can still access it.

HBO Max offers a discount from the basic fee of $9.99 per month (including the tax). So, the discount is for old users whose students’ status is verified. New users cannot access the HBO Now student discount.

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HBO Max Free Trial

The only way to enjoy HBO Now for free is to utilize the free trials. The free trial is available for only 7 days. So enjoy it while it lasts. Below are the steps to register to get HOB Now free trial.

  • Go to the HBO Max website.
  • Click on the button reading “Beginning of your free trial.”
  • Create a new account. Input a functional email address and your name.
  • Create a strong password.
  • Enter your payment details and verify the information.
  • Sign in to your account and enjoy your free trial.

To avoid being charged, you can cancel the subscription before the end of the 7th day of the free trial. If you wish to continue, you can leave it, and you will be charged at the end of the week.

What are the Benefits Of the HBO Max Premium Package

HBO Now premium package offers fantastic benefits to its users. Below are what you stand to enjoy when you subscribe to the HBO Now premium package.

  • Access to stream all content on HBO Max without worrying about being interrupted by ads. It allows you access to the rich library of HBO Max to stream any content of your choice.
  • Access to stream content in the available best quality. You will not be limited to the quality of the content on HBO Now. This helps you gain better viewing pleasure.
  • The HBO Max premium package allows multiple users to stream content on HBO Max. You can share an account with your family and friend, and everybody all the plan has access to watch any content of their choice on the platform.
  • Access to use one account on all of your gadgets.
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Is HBO Max Student Discount Available to New Students

HBO Now student discount cannot be accessed by new students. The service is currently dissolved. So, only old users can access the student discount.

How Much is HBO Max Premium Subscription

As of Thursday 12th of January 2023, the HBO Max website listed the new prices for the platform. The ad-free plan goes for $15.99 per month (or $149.99 per year). The ad-supported plan goes for $9.99 per month (or $99.99 per year).

Currently, HBO Max doesn’t offer any student discount to new students, as the service has been canceled. Only older users have access to the HBO Max student discount. However, you can opt-in for the HBO Now free trial to enjoy the platform for seven days.

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