15 Best Flight Schools In Georgia 2024 | Top Aviation Schools in Georgia, USA.

15 Best Flight Schools In Georgia 2024 | Top Aviation Schools in Georgia, USA.

Becoming a pilot is an exciting, rewarding, and adventurous career. To become one, you must attend a flight school. Georgia is one of the best states to attend a flight school in the US. There are different types of flight schools in Georgia, and each of their peculiarities.

If you are looking for the best flight schools in Georgia 2024, this article will help you out.

15 Best Flights Schools in Georgia 2024

#1. ATP Flight School

ATP flight school is the most prominent flight school in the nation. It has some of the best instructors that help you to achieve a successful airline pilot career. The National Association of Flight Instructors has continuously praised and acknowledged the school for the high level of professionalism and quality training offered by the instructors.

The Airline Career Pilot Program lasts for seven months and costs between $87,995 and $98,995

#2. Centennial Aviation Academy

Centennial Aviation Academy is one of the best schools in Georgia that offers full-time airline training programs for young teens and adults.

Centennial Aviation Academy trains you in various aspects. You can choose to make a career flying single-engine planes, helicopters, and jumbo jets.

#3. Middle Georgia State University

Middle Georgia State University is the only aviation school in Georgia offering a four-year collegiate aviation curriculum. In terms of job placements in local schools, graduates from Middle Georgia State University have the highest percentage.

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Also, this aviation school offers FAA-certified programs in Aviation Maintenance/Structural Technology, Flight, and Air Traffic Management.

The tuition fee for residents is between $13,000 to $14,000. And non-residents pay approximately $48,000 annually.

#4. All2Fly Aviation Academy

All2fly Aviation Academy is one of the best flight schools in Georgia that have been in existence for more than 25 years. This flight school offers the airline industry’s most intuitive and advanced ground training. They are known for their highly intelligent instructors. The instructors here don’t only train you. They provide assistance, guidance, and mentorship to help you achieve your dreams.

Also, this flight school goes further in helping you acquire your license conveniently at an affordable rate. Eligible applicants can apply for pilot financing.

#5. Liberty University School of Aeronautics

Liberty University School of Aeronautics is one of the few flight schools in Georgia that allows you to run academic training online. This flight school is affiliated with over 88-eight hands-on training facilities across the United States that provide convenience as you study toward your certification.

Also, Liberty University provides financial aid options that allow you access the aeronautics instruction at an affordable rate.

#6. Aero Atlanta Flight Center

Aero Atlanta Flight Center is one of the fastest-growing flight training centers in the nation. It is the flight school to provide access to the first personal jet in the world called “the Cirrus Vision Jet.” Also, it has a good number inventory of aircraft.

This flight school aims to produce highly competent pilots capable of flying technologically sophisticated aircraft.

#7. Skybound Aviation

Skybound Aviation School is one of the best flight schools in Georgia. In 2018, AOPA nominated the school to its Honor Roll of Excellence.

Also, they are well known in Georgia for their affordable and devoted pilot courses. The flight school offers pilot financing and scholarship to eligible candidates.

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#8. Lanier Flight Center

Lanier Flight Center is one of the best flight schools in Georgia that focuses on training students on flight, air charter, and aircraft sales. Also, it is one of the few aviation schools in Georgia that offer private training to become a certified flight instructor.

Furthermore, this flight school offers courses such as certified flight instructor, private pilot training, ground school, commercial pilot, and instrument pilot.

#9. American Air Flight Training

American Air Flight Training is known as comprehensive ground and flying training for pilot certification comprising Private Pilots to Airline Transport Pilots.

Also, this flight training school offers a holistic training course on tailwheel aircraft, aerobatics in aircraft, and emergency upset recovery. As a student of this flight school, you are subjected to holistic qualifying training and rigorous testing.

#10. Savannah Aviation

Savannah Aviation is one of the best flight schools in Georgia that helps you to fulfill your pilot dream. Also, the flight school offers courses such as certified flight instructor, FFA, instrument rating, Multi-Engine, and commercial pilot.

#11. Academy of Aviation

Academy of Aviation’s Atlanta is a commercial and private school that started in New York City and has now extended to Atlanta.

This flight school is known for its high-performance and education-driven flight training that helps you achieve your career. Also, it offers various financing options.

#12. Atlanta Sport Flight

Atlanta Sport Flight is one of the best flight schools in Georgia that trains sport pilots and private pilots in Corbi Air Alto aircraft and CZAW Sport Cruiser at Atlanta Fulton County Airport.

It has an organized syllabus and offers one of the most affordable pilot training programs in Atlanta, Georgia.

#13. Fly Corps Aviation

Fly Corps Aviation is one of the best flight schools in Georgia, based in Savannah. It provides comprehensive training that trains you in flying variety of situations.

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The goal of this flight school is to create adaptable aviators that can fly in different situations. Also, this school has offered veterans free training worth more than $300,000.

#14. Flight Safety International

FlightSafety International is the world’s best professional aviation training company that trains you to be prepared and stay sharp at whatever the flight throws at you.

Also, they are the supplier of visual systems, flight simulators, and displays to military, commercial, and government institutions.

The advanced technology simulation equipment in FlightSafety International trains you to be an elite pilot.

#15. Hansen Aviation LLC

Hansen Aviation is one of the best flight schools to obtain a private pilot license. Training here is less intense. It is just like playing your favorite sport.

You can opt-in for discovery flights for just $120. This comprises thirty minutes of hands-on flying, a pilot logbook, and answers to your questions.

Is Georgia good for flight training?

Georgia is the fastest-growing and second-largest industry in aviation. This makes it one of the best places to attend a flight school. It offers different kinds of aviation schools to meet a variety of preferences. Go through the above-mentioned flight schools, and choose the best that suits you more.

How Much Does Flight School Cost in Georgia?

Flight schools in Georgia differ in terms of cost and requirements. Also, flight schools offer different types of training that determine the cost. However, the average cost of flight school in Georgia is between $13,000 to $30,000.

What is the largest Flight School in Georgia?

ATP Flight School is the largest flight school in Georgia. With over 518 aircraft and 33 airline hiring partnerships, ATP offers a streamlined path to a successful airline pilot career. The school’s high-quality training and professional instructors have been consistently recognized by AOPA and the National Association of Flight Instructors.

Here are some other large flight schools in Georgia:

  • Atlanta Air Academy
  • Centennial Aviation Academy
  • The Flight School of Gwinnett

How Long Do Flight Schools In Georgia Lasts?

The duration of your training depends on what you want and the kind of training you are going for. In Georgia, a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) takes between one and two years to be completed. In some extreme cases, it can extend to three years. Private Pilot License (PPL) can be completed in three to six months.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), stated that you must complete 1,500 hours of flight time (about two years) to become an airline pilot.

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