10 Best Boarding Schools in New York (2024)

10 Best Boarding Schools in New York (2024)

New York is an amazing city and one of the most dynamic in the world. It houses a lot of schools for different levels and categories of learners. In this article, we will be looking at the best boarding schools in New York. The schools are ranked based on the quality of education, boarding schools ratings, SAT/ACT scores, student-teacher ratio, and boarding school ratings.

Here are the 10 best boarding schools in New York below.

How Much is the Average Cost of Boarding Schools in New York?

In New York, the average private school costs $19,550 per year. Additionally, a private high school has an average cost of $25,153 per year, and a private elementary school costs an average of $19,737 per year.

The cheapest private school in New York is Big Apple Academy costs $1,200, while THINK Global School is the most expensive private school in New York, with a tuition fee of $94,050.

List of Best All-girls Boarding Schools in New York 2024

All-girls boarding schools are boarding schools that only admit only girls, Below are the best all girls’ boarding schools in New York:

  • St Raymond Academy For Girls
  • Brearley School
  • Notre Dame School
  • Emma Willard School

List of Best All-boys Boarding Schools in New York 2024

Similar to the all-girls boarding schools, the all-boys boarding schools only accept boys. Below are some of the best in New York:

  • Yeshiva University High School for Boys
  • Trinity-Pawling School
  • St Francis High School
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10 Best Boarding Schools in New York 2024

Hackley School

Hackley School is one of the best private boarding schools in New York. It is a co educational school divided into three schools, all situated on one campus – lower, middle, and upper school.

It has an 8-to-1 student-teacher ratio and 834 pupils in grades K12. The annual tuition fee at Hackley School is $59,575 per year.

The school has an acceptance rate of 27% and prepares its students to attend a four-year college upon graduation.

The Masters’ School

The Master’s School is a private co-educational boarding and day school. It is basically a preparatory school that creates an exciting learning environment with challenging academic activities for  5th to 12th grade students.

An average class in the school consists of 14 students, and its student population is diverse – 80% are intentional students.

Masters’ School offers five- and seven-day boarding alternatives for upper school students. The annual tuition fee for Master’s school is $63,000. Also, it maintains a fair acceptance rate of 40%.

Emma Willard School

Emma Willard School, formerly called Troy Female Seminary, is one of the best boarding schools in New York, situated on Mount Ida in Troy. It is a private university-preparatory boarding and day school for young women offering grades 9–12 and postgraduate coursework.

The school basically motivates young women to learn values intellectual habits, character, leadership, and moral strength required to make an impact in the world.

The residential tuition of Emma Willard School is $37,690 per year. Additionally, it has an acceptance rate of 36%.

Millbrook School

Millbrook School is a private co educational preparatory school, situated in Dutchess County, New York, United States.

Millbrook School offers a comprehensive college preparation program that includes; academics, the arts, service, leadership studies, and athletics. Also, the school places priority on environmental stewardship, as it contributes to being one of its five core values.

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As such, the school has helped to contribute to the environment. One of these is bringing Trevor Zoo to campus, installing solar electricity for the entire campus, and designing the school to be LEED certified.

Here, all students must participate in the on-campus community service, where the animals are cared for, especially the endangered species at the Trevor Zoo.

The annual tuition fee of the Millbrook boarding school chapter is $47,600; Millbrook School maintains an acceptance rate of 42 %.

The Stony Brook School

The Stony Brook School is one of the best boarding schools in New York, established in 1922. It has a unique slogan that reads, “Character Before Career.” This state that the school is aimed at educating the students in the mind, body, and heart and challenging them to become leaders of virtue and integrity.

Stony Brook School is a private independent preparatory school designed for grades 7–12. Also, the school is dedicated to helping young men and women build their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, know him as their personal Lord and Savior, and love others as themselves, as commanded in the bible. Additionally, it emphasizes letting young men and women grow in ability and knowledge to serve the world through leadership and character.

Stony Brook School is renowned for its love and emphasis on character education and excellent academic programs.

The tuition for the boarding school is $64,300, with an acceptance rate of 42%.

The Storm King School

The Storm King School is a top-notch co educational school offering boarding and day school designed for students in grades 8 to 12. Storm King School has a 100% college admission rate, including Ivy League universities.

Also, the school is one of the oldest residential schools in New York, consisting of 123 academic courses, 19 varsity sports, and multiple AP-level disciplines. Also, you can enroll in top-notch programs in international relations, arts, and sciences. The boarding school of Storm King has an annual tuition fee of $61,700 per year.

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Excitedly, it has a 100% acceptance rate.

EF Academy

EF Education First is a global educational institution that focuses on academic degree programs, language learning, cultural interaction, and educational travel.

EF Academy’s major goal is to prepare students appropriately for university education. The beauty of this academy is that you are welcomed by a varied community of global citizenry when you’re enrolled as a student.

The boarding school of EF Academy’s tuition fee is $65,500 per year.

The Knox School

The Knox School is a non-sectarian and independent co-educational day and boarding college preparatory school designed for students in grades 6 through 12, including Post Graduate courses.

Knox School has an estimated population of 680 pupils and an average of 24 students in each class. Also, the learning environment is highly supportive and allows for fascinating and rigorous activities.

Furthermore, the students here enjoy individual attention. The boarding school at Knox has an annual tuition fee of $60,000. Additionally, the acceptance rate of Knox School is 45%.

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School

Leman Manhattan Preparatory School is one of the best boarding schools in New York, NY, with a population of 880 students designed for grades PK through 12. It maintains a 9-to-1 student-teacher ratio that prepares the students for a four-year university education.

The best part here is that the Léman Manhattan is an International Baccalaureate World School offering a comprehensive academic program for students from kindergarten through 12th grade to develop students into becoming critical and self-assured thinkers.

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School charges an annual tuition fee of $93,000.

Buffalo Seminary

Buffalo Seminary (SEM) is an all-girls independent, private college preparatory day and boarding school, situated in Buffalo, New York. SEM is a secular and non-uniform school.

Buffalo Seminary is a top-notch school with a historic campus having a grass field, parkway, and squash courts.

Additionally, Buffalo Seminary’s boarding school has a tuition fee of $21,250 annually. Additionally, the Buffalo Seminary has an 80% acceptance rate.

These ​boarding​ schools​ are​ divided ​into ​different ​categories ​–​private, co educational, independent, and a few others. Some are affordable, while others are expensive. Note that these are the best boarding schools in New York. So study them and make your selection.

if you have any question about the Best Boarding Schools in New York, let us know via the comment section below.

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